Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hourglass The Indestructible Matte - Icon

I saw this in the temptation aisle as I was waiting to check out at Sephora and couldn't resist. I love Hourglass as a brand, I always dream of being confident with my pucker all rouged up... and I couldn't pass on a mini Icon for $12 CAD (full sized version retails for $33 CAD).
There were other shades. But I didn't want a mini shade of something that I own already, so I popped this into my basket.
I have (had) high hopes of rocking this all through December... and then maybe again on Valentine's Day (a holiday I don't celebrate, but could commemorate with a red pucker).
One swipe and I was smitten. Icon is an incredibly beautiful, deep, blue-based red with a matte finish.  But my hands and lips disagree. One, I realized how unsteady my hand is, resulting in uneven and careless lipstick application. Somehow this ended up on my chin, and boy do I not stay within the lip lines.
I was more successful on my second attempt.... but just barely. I love this color, but this bold shade is so not me. I can't get used to it. Plus the matte finish isn't my favorite. Actually I just don't like it. One phase/trend I'm not on-board with. I like my lips creamy, satiny, or just plain shiny.
Glad I splurged on the mini not the full sized version. I highly recommend it if you're into bold lips and matte finish... which as you gather I am not :) ... not in public anyways. I rock it at home on the weekends with a coat of clear gloss :)

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