Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Karl for Shu Smoky Velvet Palette

These are the only Shu Uemura shadows in my collection; and they are from a collaboration between Shu and Karl Lagerfeld... they also didn't cost me a nickel (can't say a penny or cent, since these no longer exist in Canadian currency).

Anywho anytime I see SUKL (Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld)... I think either "skull" or "school" that is spelled funny. My brains just does it automatically.
I think "school" is more appropriate going by the girl on the palette in Karl's classic white shirt and black tie. Her red eyes do freak me out a bit... so I think "skull" fits too :)
Moving on. Pop the palette open and you are greeted with 5 shadows, 1 blush, 2 applicators (one stuck to the mirror), and the mirror in the shape of the SUKL girl.
Working our way top to bottom. Starting on the left we have a gorgeously smooth and silky black with very fine sliver glitter (which I gouged with my nail). It's really a charcoal, a favorite of mine. Other than mascara, and occasional smudged out pencil, I don't do much black on my eyes. Looks great as a liner; I at least think so :)

Then silver and a gold chunky glitter. These two feel coarse and I apply them by pressing my finger into the pan then pressing it to my eyelid to avoid major fallout. Love the sparkle.
On the right we have two very pretty greens. On top a lovely shimmery olive and below it a pretty mint. Just like the black these are silky and creamy to the touch. Absolutely winning texture.

Lastly we have a rose/cranberry blush. At first I thought "oh a red shadow" but then I realized no... it's a blush with very, very fine gold shimmer. I wish this was bigger. Strong even color payoff, easy to blend, and easy to wear. I think I want to check out other Shu blushes.
Lastly some swatches.
I've been reaching for this palette regularly sine I got it. I feel it's becoming my Holiday palette of choice. It's just so easy to wear. Good job Karl :)

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