Monday, November 10, 2014

Shu Uemura Eyeliner in Black Star & Miraculous Purple (Princess by Takashi Murakami)

First things first... I did not purchase these... these came to me gratis via my husband. As well these were released as part of 2013 Holiday collection, so not on the shelves anymore... although I did check Shu Uemura website, and they were available there at a discount.
 I like the packaging of these, slim and sleek. Easily twist up to dispense product.
But I do think the names which sort of imply the colour one expects to find inside area a bit deceiving.
Black Start is not black, it's dark grey. It also doesn't have that "star" aspect that I was hoping it would. I expected more pronounced silver shimmer, but nope, once you apply it, it looks like a one dimensional grey creme. It's pretty, and I do prefer grey to black, but it's not Black Star.

Same thing when it comes to Miraculous Purple... I don't know what your idea of purple is, but this isn't mine. I would describe this as wine. It's pretty, but it's not purple.

Swatches below. The two thin lines in the middle are single swipes after popping the cap. As they are described as "soft gel" I wanted to see how soft. Well first swatch is a fail, but a couple more and you get the idea.
Lastly these do wear very well. Stay put all day long, do not fade, do not smudge. If the prices on the Shu Uemura are correct these are quite pricey. I wouldn't shell out the dough, but love the free :)

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