Sunday, November 16, 2014

YSL - Flower Crush Palette - Rosy Blush

Freebie posts continue. In this case I'm so glad I did not buy this myself. While my eyes greedily covet everything and my heart flutters whenever I'm near a YSL counter, I know that some of those things would disappoint me. Case in point this blush... is it really a blush?... When I think of blush, I think flushed cheeks... I don't think pale powdery highlight. Which is what came to mind once I swatched this.
I have to say that I do love the packaging. It is gorgeous. But packaging alone does not make a product.
When I first popped this open, I gasped... so, so beautiful, I was ecstatic to have it in my possession.
Then I swirled my finger in it and dragged it across my arm and though "what the hell.... why is it so pretty to look at and so disappointing to wear".  I cannot wear this alone as a blush, it does nothing for me, cheeks look even paler. This is a highlight,  the words "rosy" and "blush" should never been used to describe or name this.
I'm not writing this off as a total loss. I mean one it was free, two it is YSL, and three it is a pretty pale pale pink. I think I will reach for this as an eye shadow or a highlight... or to lighten another blush, but never as a blush on it's own.

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