Monday, December 22, 2014

Kate Spade: My Birthday this year

I truly don't expect anything for my birthday, except for my husband to remember it, and put a candle in something... anything... He's one of the good ones that pays attention to the small things... or maybe he doesn't pay attention at all, I'm just that easy to read :) 

I'm a semi-early December baby... Dec. 9th is my celebration day to be exact, and this year he surprised me with a Kate Spade bonanza. I do love Kate's kitschy accessories and quality bags. So let me show you this gorgeous new green addition.... Cedar Street Maise (I believe)... love the shape, love the size, love the finish... so love the color :)
 To go with the purse or without... a couple of other gems :) Mabye they say something about me, maybe they don't... still I can't help but be amused by his sense of humor and my love for these items...
 The headband is supper special... a close up of one of the horns to explain why :)
While 2014 as a whole wasn't all that hot... my birthday was more than I could have hoped for... thank you love :)

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