Sunday, December 28, 2014

Love - Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide

While I think I’ve found my favourite foundation formulation in anything made by It Cosmetics, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to stray. I hold myself, youtube, and beauty blogosphere responsible :)

It’s on youtube that I first spotted this new item from Laura Mercier. I liked the packaging, I loved the description given by the beauty maven, and I wanted to see it for myself.

On a following trip to Sephora I spotted this on the top shelf in LM aisle, and quickly identified my shade… my perfect shade… incredibly flawless match shade. I have to stress the colour match is spot on… disregarding everything else I had yet to learn about his foundation… because of the colour, this colour that is so spot on, I already loved LM’s new addition. I’m in Cashew by the way, described as “light with neutral/ slightly warm undertones”.

The price had me pull back a bit, $59CAD is a tad steep. Thankfully the VIB Rouge sale rolled around, and I was able to take advantage of the discount.
This has been my go to base practically everyday since the day I got it.

Now I like the packaging, the dark brown sleek shape of the tube appeals to me. However this a bi-phase foundation; meaning when sitting undisturbed it will separate into pigment and liquid.
Before application you must shake this really well to combine the two once again. But beware, because this has happened to so many people that if there is one gripe most have with this product, it’s what happens when you twist the cap off right after a good shake. Which is this…
it squirts like a god-damn fountain, and product goes everywhere… leaving you feeling wasteful and frustrated… for crying out loud you just paid over $50 for this?!… wasn’t this packaging tested by the LM team?!

Relax. Too avoid this from happening, give your tube the best shake you can, then put it down for a couple of min (apply your primer or concealer at this time)… then before you twist the cap, tap it a couple of times on the cap, then open it, and voila no mess spewing all over the place. 

The foundation consistency is on the runny side, LM recommends application using fingers or their sponge. I stick to my beauty blender. Am I using more product this way? Yup, most likely, the sponge definitely absorbs some… but I love the smooth, even finish a beauty blender gives me, so I accept the cost :)

Coverage is medium-to-full, and this melds so well with your skin, as to be imperceptible. Wear time is fantastic. This oil-free foundation is what my oily face needs. Throughout the day I do get some fading in my t-zone, but it’s even fading… and at the end of the day my face still looks put together… well I believe it does :)

LM claims that this product is non-comedogenic; I agree, my acne prone skin did not act up when I started to use this.

So if you’re in the market for a light feel (yes, I have to mention this is weightless on your face) base with good coverage and don’t mind imperfect packaging or the steep price, then I highly recommend this.

Actually I recommend you get yourself colour-matched and a sample to play with first… we don’t all love the same thing :) I don’t want to be responsible for any regret purchases :)

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