Sunday, January 25, 2015

It Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation SPF 50+

I've said before that if I only had to choose one company for my foundation needs it would be IT Cosmetics... I still stand by that statement (even if I stray to try something else now and then).

This little gem was part of a showstopper way back (I believe Sept. '14). I bought it as a part of showstopper but I really didn't pay attention to the demonstration happening on my TV screen. I was listening to it but not watching it. What I heard had me sold. One that this foundation contains an anti-aging serum and two that it has a high mineral (not chemical) sunscreen.
I usually choose light when it comes to IT foundation, but in this case I chose medium, because I felt I would be wearing this a lot in the summer. Well I took it with me to Cuba and have been wearing it daily since. This shade works for me (I use a light hand), but I am curious if light would be better.
The compact is a sizable smooth rounded dome, that feels light for it's size.
Pop it open to reveal levels :)
Now, under the sponge level, we have some instructions. I read them but totally did not register point number 2.
So when I peeled it back, I thought the sight that greeted me was a weird spongy textured foundation. Well no, that' s not the case. It is a sponge in which foundation is suspended. You press into it to get to the liquid. Now I believe IT is the first American cosmetics company to do this. I haven't seen or heard about this technology until I got this compact; and only very recently learned from Lisa Eldridge that the cushion type packaging is huge in Korea.

Like all other IT foundations this one is yet another texture and coverage winner for me. It has a light  feel and very good pigmentation. Coverage is medium, it evens out redness but I do need a concealer to cover up any spots. Blends in into the skin smoothly, and wears all day for me with minimal fading.
As with all IT foundations, color selection is limited, only 5. But it's not the color that will keep me from repurchasing; it's the amount for the price. Because dollar per oz this is the most expensive foundation I have ever worn. It retails for $38 for 10ml (.34 fl oz)!!! That works out to be $114 for 30ml (1 fl oz)!!! I am beyond glad that this was part of a Showstopper.

I'm just not ready to pay that much for so little. I've been using this daily for over 3 weeks now, I might make it to 1 month, but that's it, the product is running dry and if re-fills are available (I don't know, I didn't look), I won't be buying any.

Bottom line great stuff if you have cash to spare. Otherwise choose any other foundation from IT for your buck.

Lastly the brush I applied it with (it was part of the deal). I haven't used the small (concealer end), but the buffing end is fantastic, super soft with ideal density for working with a light liquid foundation.
IT brushes are worth having in your collection.

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