Thursday, January 8, 2015

Love - Hourglass Lighting Blush Palette

I think if you love makeup and you didn't have this prior to the VIB Rouge Sale this past November, then this was on your "get" list once the sale rolled around. It sure was on mine. I love Hourglass products, and this is a gem in my collection.
I was a bit nervous about the colors, because I swatched all the full sized versions on my hand in store, and didn't find anything I like enough to buy. Strangely this did not stop me from putting this in my basket :)... and when I finally got my package and got a chance to try it out on my cheeks... I fell in love.
Every shade is gorgeous... every shade is perfect. I'm so glad to have splurged on this.... I'm so glad to score it during a sale even more :)

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