Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser

I bought it. It's expensive, $20CAD for 1oz puck, but I had to do it... curiosity won out over reason.

This solid cleanser also comes with a little insert that you can use to scrub your brushes, or Beauty Blender on. It may also be used as a stand to dry your Beauty Blender... so multi-purpose ;) I keep my in the container it came in, keeps my puck from sticking to the bottom.

I have to say that I love the scent... a sort of fresh lavender.

I love the lather, rich and creamy.

And I love how cleanly it rinses out, leaves my brushes and Beauty Blender squeaky clean.

But only after a couple of uses I relegated this product for Beauty Blender cleaning only. It's a small puck and even-though it doesn't melt as quickly as the one made by Sephora, I still felt wasteful using it on brushes as well.

It's expensive, and I love it. I'm hoping that by using it only on my Beauty Blender it will last me a while. Before I repurchase the solid version, I think I will splurge on the liquid blender cleanser first (maybe it cleans better and last longer :)) But the solid version will be my go to product for any trips. Too handy and convenient... I'm a sucker.

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