Sunday, February 8, 2015

Love - Caviar Clinical With Red Clover Growth Complex

This past October my hair started to fall out. Not just a stray here and there as is usual, but massive shower clogging loss. I've experienced it before (someone told me that it happens seasonally to some women), but I panicked just the same. I automatically started to research self help. 

Stumbled upon this set by Alterna on Sephora online and ordered it. Each of the products included is available for purchase separately in Sephora stores, and sometimes I spot the set as well. 

I've tried other Alterna products and loved them, so I felt I had nothing to loose; and promised myself that if I don't see a change I'll seek professional help.
Inside the package a list of potential causes for hair loss:
- hormones and DHT (never heard of DHT)
- excess sebum (don't think so)
- environmental factors (I don't know)
- chemical processing & styling (it was weeks since my last appointment)
- poor nutrition (nope)
- extreme stress (yes there was a bit of that, but I wouldn't classify it as extreme)
- health conditions (don't think I have any)
- medication (not on any)
Included inside:
Shampoo: I wish they made a complimentary conditioner. Love this shampoo. One I get to use it daily, two it smells amazing, three hair is left clean and fluffy. I need/want to repurchase, but the price has been holding be back ($40). Still next week I think I'll give in.

Daily Root & Scalp Stimulator: I'm almost done with my second bottle, and will be purchasing a third. Like the shampoo this smells great (light clover). Each day after I've washed and toweled dried my hair I spritz this on my scalp. It is weightless does not feel sticky or tacky,  and I do feel it helps my scalp and hair.

Weekly Intense Boosting Treatment: Once a week you replace the daily treatment with a weekly one. At the time I took this shot I already used one up. Feels just as light as the daily one (no residue, heaviness, or stickiness). One capsule is more than enough for my scalp. After I used up all 6 I did not repurchase. I might eventually, but I feel after the initial boost all I need is the daily one.
So it early February, hair loss it back to normal... you know a few strays in the shower. But nothing that clogs the drain. I for one am really happy to have found this... and beyond glad that it has paid off; especially the daily stimulator (I can't be without it)... and the shampoo, I want it back in my shower.  The weekly treatment I can do without for now. I might eventually revisit it, but not now.

It worked for me, it might now work for you. It smells awesome, I recommend it, but don't expect miracles :)

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