Monday, February 2, 2015

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Kelly & Natalie

So these have been out for a while. It seems every beauty blogger has nothing but praise for the packaging and formulation. I tried to turn a blind eye and ignore, but that only lasted for so long. Then one day I spotted swatches of Kelly online, and I was immediately smitten.
Of course once I spotted Kelly, I had to look at every other shade, and Natalie made the short list as well. I don’t get excited over nudes, and I’m uncomfortable with vampy darks… Kelly & Natalie fit my want for colour.
I went to Sephora (both online and in-store) and they don’t have the whole Audacious range, since Kelly isn’t available.

So I ventured to Holt Renfrew and ran into a real Kelly trying on Kelly :) oh how I wish there was a “Lucy”… I would buy it regardless of the shade :) I thought “wow Kelly looks so great on Kelly, but I think it’s too bright for me”, I was ready to pass it by, so ready… but before I did, I asked for Natalie. Swatched them both on my hand and couldn’t decide.

Which led to doing something I never do with lipsticks in store… NEVER. I twisted it all the way up, found an untouched spot on the bullet and tried it on… decision made. I wanted Kelly and my generous husband threw in Natalie as well.
Now when you look at the two shades in the tube side by side they do look similar, but not quite the same. Kelly is definitely the brighter bolder shade; but they are both stunning in their own way.
Swatched bellow Kelly described as coral hibiscus and Natalie described as flamingo :) Just so pretty...
As you probably already know packaging is next to none. Sleek, modern, magnetic, beautiful.
And what can I say about wear and formulation that you haven’t read or heard already. It’s fantastic, creamy, rich, moisturizing, comfortable, lasting, and hand cramp inducing at $37 CAD a pop :)

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