Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in Sin

This brand has been popping up recently in every beauty/fashion magazine I've flipped through. The brain child of models and sisters Ally (15) and Taylor (17) and their chemical engineer mother. 

The concept: a line of cosmetics to enhance natural beauty. Hence all nudes. Currently the line consists of concealer pencils, lip/cheek pencils, eye pencils, magnetic eye color pencils, mascara, and lip pens. As  you see there is a pencil theme... easy to work with, easy to carry around.  I hear there will be nail polish to compliment the line as well.

I was pleasantly surprised when on a visit to Sephora,  I stumbled upon a whole Nudestix display.  There were a couple of eye color stixs that I found pretty, but not necessarily "must have" worthy. I skipped the concealer pencils entirely and moved onto the lip/cheek pencils because lately I've been on a lip product binge. Out of 8 shades available I found only 1 worthy of my wallet. I guess I'm just not a nude kind of gal.

So let's take a look at the packaging. Well, it's substantial. Kind of bulky come to think of it... but also hard to miss.
Sin was my color of choice. Described as "rose gold" on Sephora website... I don't think I agree with that color description... maybe I'm color blind.
Still... pop the lid and you have a bit of reading material, and a mirror (not the best quality) on the inside of the lid. In case you want to lug your little pencil in it. Or more likely if you want to load up the container with some other makeup products to lug around... or use it as a pencil case? I don't know, mine is collecting dust... I have no use for it.

Once I popped the lid and read the insert, I thought to myself "boring". I for one, cannot live on nudes alone. I like color with an occasional nude here and there.
While the outer packaging is a bit much for yours truly, the pencil itself is kind of fantastic.
A sharpener is included and fits on top of the pencil. So if you take this on the go with you, and it needs to be sharpened you already conveniently have it with you.
See below, cap, sharpener, pencil all assembled together.
The color is gorgeous. Not what I would call "rose gold" but a gorgeous type of rose nevertheless.
I find the formulation quite creamy and smooth, non-sticky and light on the lips. While the company claims that the products are eco-friendly and enriched with shea butter and vitamins, I find the scent more cosmetic/chemical (like an old fashioned lipstick) than natural. It is light and dissipates quite quickly but those sensitive enough will find it unappealing.
All in all I'm happy with my purchase despite the scent and the bulky packaging, because the color and formula are spot on. Glad that I'm glad, because nude/natural beauty doesn't come cheap. Lip/cheek pencils retail for $28 CAD.
Lastly, these are meant to double up as your blush. But I haven't bothered.

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