Friday, February 20, 2015

Solid Brush Cleaner - Trichomania Shampoo from Lush

So thinking about solid brush cleaners led me to Lush, and their solid shampoos. There is only one that I love the scent of and have tried in the past on my hair; and it is Trichomania (smells like sweet coconut). Formulated to moisturize, I felt it might be really great for brush cleaning as well.
So one Sunday that is what I did. See below.
1. This shampoo lathers easily.
2. It removes makeup grime without any hassle.
3. Rinses out cleanly, leaving no residue behind.
4. As already stated, smells awesome.
5. I paid $13.69 for a 125g chunk ($0.11 per 1 gram). This works out to be quite a lot of savings when comparing to Beauty Blender ($20 for 1oz of soap or $0.71 per 1 gram).

Having said that (and if you read my previous post), I will repurchase Beauty Blender cleanser for my Beauty Blender, for my makeup brushes Lush Trichomania it will be (for now at least).

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