Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Metamorphosis by Tracy - Abcentric - Day 1 to 10

Omg what is this !? How am I supposed to follow!
Let me tell you first days of this cardio were almost enough for me to call it quits. I am no dancer, I have no rhythm; and this is "dance" cardio. I put "dance" because I don't think anyone actually does that many jumping jacks in the club.  I'm trying not to become discouraged. Tracy suggest if I can't follow then do my own thing, but then she contradicts herself by informing me that all the moves are chosen specifically for their effectiveness.  I literally bounce from one end of my living room to another. Will I ever get this?

Toning. Wow, arms and abs are just like cardio; no real instruction, I follow the best I can. When did 3 lbs become so heavy? Standing ab sequence??? What?! My body moves as a whole, hips and abs refuse to go in opposite directions... a challenge for sure. Legs is tough but easiest to follow. Tracy explains all the moves on the right side. Then informs you when it's time to switch to the left. Moves are the same (you're just working out your opposite (in this case left) side), so instructions are not repeated. It just you and the music.

Speaking of which. Tracy does not stop, she works out throughout both videos (when she says 40 reps, she also does 40 reps). It's only her. There is no other participants on whom she has to check, encourage, or correct. She does not speak directly to the camera, when her voice does come on, it's a voiceover.  I like that a lot. She also doesn't look like she's about to drop... her fitness level motivates me.

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