Friday, March 27, 2015

Metamorphosis by Tracy - Abcentric - Day 11 to 20

Ok, I'm getting better at cardio. But I can't take another day of Tracy's music, and I definitely will not last if I have to listen to it for another 80 days. A lot of people don't like her choice of sound for the cardio; and since you sort of follow her to the best of your abilities, you don't need to. Put your own music on. I work out at 5am, so instead of blasting the stereo, I put a pair of headphones on and blast my iPhone fitness playlist. I found her routine became much easier for me, when I had a beat I loved.

Strangely I don't mind her music during the toning sequence. I think it fits better. I'm so jealous how easy she makes it all look. You can tell Tracy is a dancer, there is a certain fluidity and ease to her moves that I try to imitate and don't even come close :) Weirdly not discouraged.

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