Monday, March 23, 2015

Metamorphosis by Tracy - my experience

Ahhh fitness... like many out there, I want the lean, fit physique, I just wish it wasn't so much damn work. I feel great after a workout, but the motivation to actually get my ass to do it was often too strong for me to overcome. One thing I know, gyms don't work for me. I've had memberships, I don't thrive in that atmosphere. I prefer to workout at home, where I can be as sweaty, and smelly as I want to... and the only one there to judge me is the cat (and she has gotten bored with it, preferring instead to claim the warm spot on my pillow when I get up for my morning routine, instead of watching me pant in the livingroom). Communal showers are not my thing either, I like my own, where everything that I need or want is within my reach.

So I've tried a couple at home routines; namely P90X and Insanity… I failed at both.

P90X is too macho for me. I realized that I hate lifting weights (especially if that weight is my whole body :)) I found myself discouraged. I attempted the 90 day sequence twice, I made it to day 45 once. It’s not for me.

Insanity is just too insane. Those people are so fit, and they struggle, like seriously struggle… how is my soft dumpling body supposed to survive through something they are having hard time with. Their pain does not motivate me, it scares me. As well during the warm up, I would get insane pain between the ball and heel of my foot. I felt as if there was a string connecting the two that someone was winding tighter and tighter. Some days the pain was unbearable. I finished the 90 day challenge, but I did not enjoy it… and I do not wish to do it again.

Then somehow I stumbled upon an article interview with Gwyneth Paltrow. Now that woman is not my role model per say, but damn her body is. She shared that her fantastic physique is all thanks to Tracy Anderson. More Googling, more reading, and I was on Gwyneth's fitness band wagon.  I chose Tracy's Metamorphosis as the fitness routine I would give a go.

There are different versions and you choose the one that fits your body type:

Abcentric - if you find yourself gaining weight first in your belly

Hipcentric - if you find your extra weight wrapping itself around your hips

Glucentric - I don't know... if my weight was going to my booty, I'd probably keep it there :)

Omnicentric - if you gain weight pretty much evenly all over your body (there is no obvious area of concentration), or you're not sure of your group

While the exercises in each system, are meant to help with your "problem" area, you still workout and tone your whole body. I do not know how the systems compare/differ from each other, I'm abcentric... like no guess work involved, and that's what I ordered.

This is a 90 day program as well, workout for 6 days straight and rest on the 7th. It includes 30 min dance cardio and 30 min toning. The dance cardio remains the same for the whole 90 day period, the toning changes up every 10 days.

I initially purchased the system in March of 2014. The first time I actually put the dvd in was June 2014. Procrastinator = moi. Abandoned it in 8 days. Gave it a second serious attempt in August of 2014. Completed the 90 day program in 145 days :) I started out doing this only 2-4 times a week , then I hit my grove and started to press play 4-5 days a week.

There is a diet plan included with this program for faster, "better" results. I did not even bother to look at it. I cannot, cannot diet. It has to be something I want to do. Anytime I restrict myself or tell myself I'm on a "diet" I fail... usually within 8 hours. Plus I feel I eat healthy and well balanced meals already... most of the time.

So in the coming days I will post my experience for each segment of the program (I sort of kept a journal throughout). Putting it all into one post would feel a bit much. This intro is a bit much in itself. Hope you enjoy.

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