Thursday, April 30, 2015

Duo Brush On Adhesive

For someone who has worn faux eyelashes 3 times in her life, I sure have a lot of pairs taking up space in my drawer. From semi-casual to outrageous. I've decided to invest in a tube of lash glue, because the pairs that I own didn't come with any.
Quick scan of the choices at Sephora and I chose the predictable Duo. I think the price was right $12 CAD (I really have no gauge on what's an acceptable price for lash glue); and I liked that it's a brush applicator and not a squeeze tube.
Upon opening it had no discernible scent and it was easy to use... I managed to navigate my lashes into place... and they stayed on all day.

Duo... a solid product that delivered... I'm happy with my choice :)

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