Thursday, April 2, 2015

Metamorphosis by Tracy - Abcentric - Day 41 to 50

The arms and abs sequence speed up considerably. According to Tracy I should welcome the change and have no issues adapting. Obviously we haven’t met. I struggle for the first 5 days, then I sort of find my rhythm. Sort of. I feel majority of my arm definition is coming from the leg and butt sequence. You spend a lot of your time on your hands and knees, or plank position.

I enjoyed the ab moves during this phase. One move was impossible for me to do correctly, but I do hope I stimulated enough ab tissue to one day succeed.

Legs are my favorite Tracy moves. One because you do 20-40 of them so it’s easy to transition; and two I like to think my bum is lifting and firming. The last 2 moves are a challenge as I have no sense of balance. As well the last move on the left side is slightly different form the last move on the right side. While on one side Tracy lifts her leg up and down, on the other side she bends her leg in and out. I flip and flop between those on my days, but always do the same thing on both sides.

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