Friday, April 10, 2015

Metamorphosis by Tracy - Abcentric - Day 61 to 70

Let me tell you listening to your own music is key. I’ve gotten good at the dance cardio (Lucy good, meaning I would never do this in public). But I would not be able to motivate myself to do it if I had to listen to the same Tracy music day in and day out. With my playlist and the fact that my body knows the moves (most of the time) time flies by.

Love the arm, ab, and leg sequence in this 10 day segment. I struggle with a  couple of exercises, but I’m not discouraged.

I must point out that I got sick during this stretch, and took a week off. When I got back to my routine after an 8 day break, my body sure felt it… and muscles had a good fitness ache for a couple of days.

During the toning section, Tracy mentions that I should be "pretty good" at these exercises at this point and be seeing incredible results. For the first one, I'm a superstar now, compared to my 1st day (but only in the privacy of my own home, with the cat as my only witness). For the 2nd... well... here is the thing. Maybe if I stuck to her diet and pressed play 6 days a week I would be seeing better results. But I didn't and so I don't. I feel nice definition in my arms and my calves... but my bum still has a way to climb before I can classify it as semi-perky and my "toned" abs, are just an idea right now... currently I still have just the one jelly ab.

Still for all my negativity,  I'm liking my 5am Tracy Anderson routine... and I think once I actually finish the 90 day program, I'll re-start it again before I commit to the continuity program.

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