Thursday, April 16, 2015

Metamorphosis by Tracy - Abcentric - Day 71 to 80

So after day 73 I went to Cuba for a week. Came back, and could not bring myself to let go of the lazy vacation mode. Took me 4 days (12 with vacation), to press play again.

I felt it. I felt it during the cardio, and I definitely felt it during the toning.

Tracy changes it up a bit. There is something like warm-up/ stretching prior to the arm sequence :) Then the whole arm portion is done kneeling. Back to standing for "standing abs"... I will never get this. On your back for more abs, and back to knees for legs.

The arm sequence felt a bit easier and faster than usual. That's because there is a bit of arm work involved once we shift to leg toning (push-ups regardless of type, are not my strength).

As well, when you start the leg sequence Tracy explains each move, except for the last one (which has 3 modification... so maybe no notice of transition or explanation for the last 3 moves). I wasn't aware until I fatigued from a move and glanced at the screen, to see how she's holding up... and there was Tracy on her back, doing something completely different. It's the little things.

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