Sunday, May 31, 2015

BBG - Week 2

Monday - Legs & Cardio
Here comes week 2. Kayla loves burpees. I'm glad that it's the first move in today's workout. I don't start to feel the pain until 7th rep :)

Kayla uses a step in circuit two for "reverse lunge + knee lift" move. I do not own a step, and I did not acquire one over the weekend. Today I improvised without it. If the step starts to make a regular appearance in future workouts, I'll probably reconsider and make an investment. But today I did without.

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking home from work. I found another podcast to listen to, called Criminal. After the first episode I've developed an irrational fear of owls... or maybe not so irrational...listen for yourself.

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
First Kayla challenged be with burpees (they are no longer as difficult as the first day), next Kayla threw commandos my way and I thought "I'll never..." but I did and do. Today Kayla planned "straight leg jackknifes" for me... oh boy. This exercise made me realize I do not have a core but a pillow in my ab area... this is hard.

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking with more Criminal episodes.
Friday : Full Body
Look at that Friday is no longer optional and I opted out, hahahaha. It was a long day at the office and I just couldn't face a circuit that contains all three of my exercise nemesis: burpees, commandos, and straight leg jackknifes. I'll face it tomorrow.

Saturday: LISS + Rehabilitation+ Friday's Full Body
Set my alarm for 6am and started my day off with Friday's routine. Felt much better for it. LISS and Rehabilitation include a morning at Brickworks Farmers Market, house cleaning, city stroll, and dinner at BareBurger :) ... and week 2 is DONE!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Buttercup

Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite beauty gurus to watch on YouTube. She's energetic and honest and real and just fun to watch. When I learned that she had a collaboration with Gerard Cosmetics I wanted to try what she created. But Gerard Cosmetics is not available in Toronto stores, and their online shipping basically doubled the price of my purchase. So I held of, until one day while watching Jaclyn she shared a deal too good to pass up, and I snapped up the lipstick and lip gloss that she had created for myself (that was way back in January).

I'll share the lipstick today, and lip gloss in the next post. 

The bullet shape reminds me of MAC packaging, except it's gold and doesn't feel as substantial. The word "cheap" comes to mind... but somehow I feel guilty thinking it.
Jaclyn gets credit for creating the shade Buttercup... I like the name.
The shade is a beautiful pale pink nude. I thought to myself "oh no I don't pull off nudes well", they tend to make me look pale and sickly.
But then I swatched it and realized "never mind this is gorgeous". This is a nude I can wear and feel good in it. Some days I top it with a bolder lip gloss, some days I top with a colorless lip gloss, and some days I just wear Buttercup on its own.
The formula is fantastic, creamy, silky, and comfortable. I don't discern any scent or taste, but online description tells me it should smell like a creamsicle... well mine doesn't, and I'm not bothered. I prefer the scentless, tasteless version I have :)
I would highly recommend this shade if pale pink nudes are your bag. You wouldn't regret adding it to your collection. However scout the internet and/or Jaclyn's channel for a deal... it feels good getting quality for less :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo

My bottle has almost run dry... time to talk about it. Side note: when I couldn't find Bumble and Bubmle products in Toronto it was all I wanted to use... when they became readily available at Sephora, it took me forever to finally get around to it... But I'm working my way through the line slowly.

I purchased the Color Minded shampoo because I colored my hair (of course). I had a few red streaks, and red is notoriously easily to wash out and fade out, I was hoping to delay the inevitable with this. I did not purchase the complimentary conditioner.

The reviews on Sephora are high and it contains no sulfates plus this sentence in the description "Color Minded seals in shine and smooths the cuticle to make hair color glow, fights the horrid humidity, and adds healthy-looking luster and luminosity—just like a finishing coat." and I said yes to the shampoo and goodbye to $38 CAD.

This shampoo had good thick texture, practically no scent (light clean laundry), and it foamed up really well. I do agree that on days that I washed my hair with this, it felt smooth and shiny and had a lovely feel to it.

When it comes to my red staying strong and vibrant. It didn't. It washed out and faded as it always does. I'm not really surprised that it did... I wash my hair daily, even a Color Minded shampoo can only do so much. It was a good shampoo, not good enough for me to run out and buy another bottle, but there are a couple of other options Bumble and Bumble offers that have me tempted.

With the amount of hair washing I do I should probably consider cheaper options... I should but knowing and doing just don't go hand in hand.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sephora VIB Rouge Status Renewed - Marc Jacobs

During the Sephora spring sale in April, my VIB Rouge status was renewed... I know it's a problem, I didn't expect for it to happen so soon either. I'm trying to curb my Sephora addiction one day at a time.
This year the treat for shopping way too often is a supper pretty mini lipstick from Marc Jacob. The packaging is beautiful
The color of course a gorgeous shade of red that is way out of my comfort zone. I've worn it around the house, and love the feel, color payoff and formula. Really wish red was my color... maybe one day :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

BBG - Week 1

So the pre-training is over... 4 weeks have come and gone, and my body should be ready for what Kayla has coming my way.

Monday - Legs & Cardio
Maybe it's a mental thing (knowing I'm no longer pre-training), but damn today felt hard. Legs and cardio had me sweating. I managed the first two circuits twice each in 7 minutes... but when I attempted the first circuit for the second time (round 3 out of 4), I only managed to get through it 1.5 times... same thing for the second go at circuit 2 (round 4).

All those squats and lunges will be felt tomorrow :)

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking home from work

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
Arms and abs, arms and abs. First circuit was all arms, second circuit was all abs. I would have preferred if Kyla interchanged the moves, so instead of arms, arms, arms, arms ... we had ams, abs, arms, abs. Because doing four exercises in a row that target a specific muscle area, even if it's for only 7 short minutes is exhausting and seems to last forever. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm seeing a difference, but it's more of a feeling at this time.

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking... I'm going to get bored of my music and Songza only gets me so far. Need to dedicate some time this weekend to find a good podcast. I do not want to Audible... prefer to read my own books not listen to them.
Friday : Full Body (optional)
Why are Fridays optional? Can I possibly get Kayla results if I only do her routine 2 times per week (+ LISS days)... I am doubtful, and therefore don't skip Fridays. If I can't do Friday's routine on Friday, I simply do it on Saturday. Don't want to delay my six pack by skipping a day :)

Saturday: LISS + Rehabilitation
LISS easy... I can always find an excuse to walk the city.... Rehabilitation, do drinks at the Ritz count? :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fresh Seaberry Revitalizing Shampoo

I finished this bottle last week (got it in December... or was it November... I no longer remember). But I do know that I enjoy Fresh products, and if the name has the word "seaberry" in it I am automatically curious.  Strangely this is not available in Sephora stores (at least not in Toronto), but it is available for shipping from their website.

I bought it because I liked what  read in the description online. I don't want to regurgitate it here, but for those who are curious follow the link.

I used it, I liked it... I thought about a repurchase, because it's a nice daily shampoo... but then I thought, there are so many nice daily shampoos out there that I want to try, that a repurchase is not warranted at this time.

As I have mentioned already on this blog, I have fine, thin hair, and some days this shampoo just didn't leave me with the volume I wanted. It could be that I didn't rinse this out as well as I should have, or the conditioner that I followed up with was too heavy (Fresh does make a complimentary one, but I did not buy it), or maybe it's just the shampoo itself... regardless, nice (try it for yourself if you'd like)... nice but not nice enough to justify a re-order.

By the by this 240ml (8 fl oz) bottle set me back $30 CAD... so yeah... the price is another reason I'm not eager to make a repurchase... it wasn't magic... and at that price it should have been close.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

BBG - Pre-Training Week 4

Monday - Legs and Cardio
And before I know it, it's the last week of pre-training. My sister asked me at the end of week 3 if I'm noticing any difference. I honestly answered "no", I don't see any difference. But I'm not discouraged, because I'm feeling good... I may not look it yet, but I have this sense of being healthier and fitter... and that's enough to keep me going.

Lots of squats and lunges today... going to feel it tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it :) Hopefully Kayla doesn't increase burpees... 10 is plenty.

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking home from work... and only 1 Serial episode to go... what will I listen to after????

This Tuesday morning I realized I need to pay closer attention to my lunge and squat form, because knees felt a little bit rickety today... but I also had a nice muscle ache in my bum.

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
I find it interesting that I use weights on Mondays (legs & cardio), but not on Wednesdays when it's arm and ab time. But then again Kayla has me doing push ups, and commandos and that is hard enough.

I was dreading commandos this time around... and I still don't know how, but I managed to do 3 complete sets, that's 60 reps in total (30 per side). Either this shit is seriously working and muscle has materialized beneath the fat, or I had the wrong form last week, or the wrong form this week... I'm going with the first one :)

I might have managed full commando sets, but not without paying a price in rug (actually towel) burn on my elbows. This weekend I'm going to invest in some elbow guards :)

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking... listened to last Serial episode. I don't believe he did it.

Friday: Full Body (optional)
I opted out again. Reason: a hair appointment. It's spring, time to freshen up this do with some color and some scissors. I got home around 8pm looking like a shiny penny (somehow instead of brunette i opted for bright copper.. :))... and all I wanted was a glass of wine and some us time. I'll catch up on Kayla tomorrow.

Sturday: Friday's Full Body + LISS (low intensity steady state)
Farmer's market in the morning, coffee, and a gossip session with my sister. Then home, tidy up and time for Kayla. I crave the workout ... no commandos but I did have to do burpees... why are they so hard?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Project Make a Dent #1 - Final Update # 3

In March of last year I started "project make a dent", and I selected 6 makeup products with a promise to use regularly (if not daily) and call them "empties" in 12 months or so.

March 2014 state of things:
And here we are a little bit over a year later:
Shiseido Eye Shadow Quad in Rose Tones Q11 - Almost there. Lots of pan showing on the last shade, and since I've been a huge fan of purple, I think in a couple of months this will be all done.

Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder - Shine Control - All done.  I never even reviewed this. This was nice but not great. I enjoyed using it, but I have no plans to repurchase.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Ex-Press - The pigmentation on this is so great I don't know how many more months I have before I will call this an empty. I've also decided to use up the light shade as an eye shadow. It's been working out pretty well.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer #1 - Also all gone.

NARS Orgasm Blush - I'm not a fan of this product, but I've been trying. This will live with me forever I think.

Pür Minerals Complexion Pür-fection Correcting Primer - all gone as well.

And that's it for Project Make a Dent #1. I'm not going to start another one this year... but I might be inspired for a round 2 in 2016 :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jo Malone: Sakura Cherry Blossom

During a random Sunday stroll we stopped by Holt Renfrew... and of course lingered at the Jo Malone counter. I played with all the new offerings, and became smitten with Sakura Cherry Blossom. I didn't purchase right then and there, instead I spritzed some on a cardboard strip, and walked away to determine if the smitten feeling will persists over the next couple of days. As you're seeing this post you know that it did.

I didn't get a chance to purchase this for myself... my husband beat me to it :) he also managed to score the cute ribbon featured in all the ads. I can't describe a scent beyond "I love it"... so I had a look at Jo Malone website to determine what in this concoction was so irresistible to my nose. Well other than cherry blossom, we have rose, and bergamot... no wonder I couldn't resist the call :)

I've been wearing it everyday since... my scent of spring 2015 for sure :)
This year for the first time ever husband and I went on a pilgrimage to High Park for cherry blossom blooming. It was beautiful, crowded (hundreds had the same idea), and fun. Got a little bit too much sun, and took way too many pictures :) Here are 3 of them :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

BBG - Pre-Training Week 3

Last week was week 3... and here is how it went:

Monday - Legs & Cardio
Here comes week 3 :) Kayla steps it up and introduces weights. You need a 6-12kg (13-26lb) kettle bell... which I do not have. But I do have 10lb, 15lb, and 20lb weights, and so I started of with 10 today. You also need 3-6kg dumbbells... and I have 3, 5, and 8lb so I was covered. As well as a jumping rope (I used my imaginary one), and a bench, I used my ottoman :)

It was a hard workout. Feeling great now as I'm typing this up but the floor was slippery with my sweat during the sets. I could do the first set twice and start round 3 before 7 min ran out. The second set was much harder for me and I only got through it 1.5 times in 7 min.

Burpees are my kryptonite :)

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking home from work

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
Arms and abs Wednesday was killer. I realized I don't mind tricep dips, because I can at least get through all the required reps. The move that has me dying is Commandos... yowza... Kayla recommends 20 reps (10 per side)... I can only manage 5 per side, then my arms turn to wet noodles. Seriously it's like trying to balance a brick on two boiled spaghetti strands... ain't gonna happen. Upper body strength needs some serious strengthening...

When 30min after the workout your arm trembles trying to lift a forkful of food to your mouth, you can't deny the obvious... you worked... you worked hard... but you need to work harder... you have weak baby arms :)

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking... walking... walking
Friday : Full Body (optional)
"Optional" and I opted-out... just wasn't my Friday.

Saturday: Friday's Full Body + Rehabilitation
So I skipped Friday... but I did my Friday on Saturday. Full body, had me sweating in no time... burpees and jump lunges are a challenge and 15 pushups in a row wasn't easy. But I'm feeling good.

After the morning session, indulged in some brunch... then... LISS in the park :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

BBG - Pre-Training Week 2

Monday - Legs & Cardio
And week 2 rolls around :) Over the weekend the ache in my right leg disappeared... but I had a small ache this morning during my Tracy routine... and it came back in full swing once I started Kyla in the evening. I completed my 30 min, but my squats and lunges weren't as deep as I would have liked, because the pain intensified the lower I went.

I'm hoping that by Friday my muscles will recover... I'm feeling discouraged that so soon into my new routine commitment my body is going on a strike...

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking home from work while listening to Serial Podcast makes the 9K fly by. Tried to keep a steady brisk pace... felt it in the calves when I reached home :)

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
It felt as if it was more abs than arms :) I dislike tricep dips (I tend to rush through them)... and I'm not sure if I'm doing Lay Down Push Ups (On Knees) right... need to hit Google up for some video instruction.

Other than that, the strange pain in my right leg is a very light dull ache. I think I'll be able to manage full range of motion during squats and lunges on Friday.

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking... walking... walking... But I have to point out that it's not always all the way from work... sometimes I take the transit half way... and then attempt to keep a brisk pace for the last 5k :)
Friday : Full Body (optional)
"Optional" so tempting to opt-out... especially on beer Friday. But I didn't because I'm not a quitter :) The strange pain in the back of my right leg has disappeared and did not make a come back today. I'm also realizing that I hate brupees more than tricep dips... but Kayla's daily instagram feed keeps me motivated... even through burpees :)

Tomorrow is "Rehabilitation"....  so for me a morning of coffee and Youtube :)