Saturday, May 2, 2015

BBG - Pre-Training Week 2

Monday - Legs & Cardio
And week 2 rolls around :) Over the weekend the ache in my right leg disappeared... but I had a small ache this morning during my Tracy routine... and it came back in full swing once I started Kyla in the evening. I completed my 30 min, but my squats and lunges weren't as deep as I would have liked, because the pain intensified the lower I went.

I'm hoping that by Friday my muscles will recover... I'm feeling discouraged that so soon into my new routine commitment my body is going on a strike...

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking home from work while listening to Serial Podcast makes the 9K fly by. Tried to keep a steady brisk pace... felt it in the calves when I reached home :)

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
It felt as if it was more abs than arms :) I dislike tricep dips (I tend to rush through them)... and I'm not sure if I'm doing Lay Down Push Ups (On Knees) right... need to hit Google up for some video instruction.

Other than that, the strange pain in my right leg is a very light dull ache. I think I'll be able to manage full range of motion during squats and lunges on Friday.

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking... walking... walking... But I have to point out that it's not always all the way from work... sometimes I take the transit half way... and then attempt to keep a brisk pace for the last 5k :)
Friday : Full Body (optional)
"Optional" so tempting to opt-out... especially on beer Friday. But I didn't because I'm not a quitter :) The strange pain in the back of my right leg has disappeared and did not make a come back today. I'm also realizing that I hate brupees more than tricep dips... but Kayla's daily instagram feed keeps me motivated... even through burpees :)

Tomorrow is "Rehabilitation"....  so for me a morning of coffee and Youtube :)

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