Sunday, May 17, 2015

BBG - Pre-Training Week 4

Monday - Legs and Cardio
And before I know it, it's the last week of pre-training. My sister asked me at the end of week 3 if I'm noticing any difference. I honestly answered "no", I don't see any difference. But I'm not discouraged, because I'm feeling good... I may not look it yet, but I have this sense of being healthier and fitter... and that's enough to keep me going.

Lots of squats and lunges today... going to feel it tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it :) Hopefully Kayla doesn't increase burpees... 10 is plenty.

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking home from work... and only 1 Serial episode to go... what will I listen to after????

This Tuesday morning I realized I need to pay closer attention to my lunge and squat form, because knees felt a little bit rickety today... but I also had a nice muscle ache in my bum.

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
I find it interesting that I use weights on Mondays (legs & cardio), but not on Wednesdays when it's arm and ab time. But then again Kayla has me doing push ups, and commandos and that is hard enough.

I was dreading commandos this time around... and I still don't know how, but I managed to do 3 complete sets, that's 60 reps in total (30 per side). Either this shit is seriously working and muscle has materialized beneath the fat, or I had the wrong form last week, or the wrong form this week... I'm going with the first one :)

I might have managed full commando sets, but not without paying a price in rug (actually towel) burn on my elbows. This weekend I'm going to invest in some elbow guards :)

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking... listened to last Serial episode. I don't believe he did it.

Friday: Full Body (optional)
I opted out again. Reason: a hair appointment. It's spring, time to freshen up this do with some color and some scissors. I got home around 8pm looking like a shiny penny (somehow instead of brunette i opted for bright copper.. :))... and all I wanted was a glass of wine and some us time. I'll catch up on Kayla tomorrow.

Sturday: Friday's Full Body + LISS (low intensity steady state)
Farmer's market in the morning, coffee, and a gossip session with my sister. Then home, tidy up and time for Kayla. I crave the workout ... no commandos but I did have to do burpees... why are they so hard?

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