Sunday, May 31, 2015

BBG - Week 2

Monday - Legs & Cardio
Here comes week 2. Kayla loves burpees. I'm glad that it's the first move in today's workout. I don't start to feel the pain until 7th rep :)

Kayla uses a step in circuit two for "reverse lunge + knee lift" move. I do not own a step, and I did not acquire one over the weekend. Today I improvised without it. If the step starts to make a regular appearance in future workouts, I'll probably reconsider and make an investment. But today I did without.

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking home from work. I found another podcast to listen to, called Criminal. After the first episode I've developed an irrational fear of owls... or maybe not so irrational...listen for yourself.

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
First Kayla challenged be with burpees (they are no longer as difficult as the first day), next Kayla threw commandos my way and I thought "I'll never..." but I did and do. Today Kayla planned "straight leg jackknifes" for me... oh boy. This exercise made me realize I do not have a core but a pillow in my ab area... this is hard.

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Walking with more Criminal episodes.
Friday : Full Body
Look at that Friday is no longer optional and I opted out, hahahaha. It was a long day at the office and I just couldn't face a circuit that contains all three of my exercise nemesis: burpees, commandos, and straight leg jackknifes. I'll face it tomorrow.

Saturday: LISS + Rehabilitation+ Friday's Full Body
Set my alarm for 6am and started my day off with Friday's routine. Felt much better for it. LISS and Rehabilitation include a morning at Brickworks Farmers Market, house cleaning, city stroll, and dinner at BareBurger :) ... and week 2 is DONE!

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