Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo

My bottle has almost run dry... time to talk about it. Side note: when I couldn't find Bumble and Bubmle products in Toronto it was all I wanted to use... when they became readily available at Sephora, it took me forever to finally get around to it... But I'm working my way through the line slowly.

I purchased the Color Minded shampoo because I colored my hair (of course). I had a few red streaks, and red is notoriously easily to wash out and fade out, I was hoping to delay the inevitable with this. I did not purchase the complimentary conditioner.

The reviews on Sephora are high and it contains no sulfates plus this sentence in the description "Color Minded seals in shine and smooths the cuticle to make hair color glow, fights the horrid humidity, and adds healthy-looking luster and luminosity—just like a finishing coat." and I said yes to the shampoo and goodbye to $38 CAD.

This shampoo had good thick texture, practically no scent (light clean laundry), and it foamed up really well. I do agree that on days that I washed my hair with this, it felt smooth and shiny and had a lovely feel to it.

When it comes to my red staying strong and vibrant. It didn't. It washed out and faded as it always does. I'm not really surprised that it did... I wash my hair daily, even a Color Minded shampoo can only do so much. It was a good shampoo, not good enough for me to run out and buy another bottle, but there are a couple of other options Bumble and Bumble offers that have me tempted.

With the amount of hair washing I do I should probably consider cheaper options... I should but knowing and doing just don't go hand in hand.

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