Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fresh Seaberry Revitalizing Shampoo

I finished this bottle last week (got it in December... or was it November... I no longer remember). But I do know that I enjoy Fresh products, and if the name has the word "seaberry" in it I am automatically curious.  Strangely this is not available in Sephora stores (at least not in Toronto), but it is available for shipping from their website.

I bought it because I liked what  read in the description online. I don't want to regurgitate it here, but for those who are curious follow the link.

I used it, I liked it... I thought about a repurchase, because it's a nice daily shampoo... but then I thought, there are so many nice daily shampoos out there that I want to try, that a repurchase is not warranted at this time.

As I have mentioned already on this blog, I have fine, thin hair, and some days this shampoo just didn't leave me with the volume I wanted. It could be that I didn't rinse this out as well as I should have, or the conditioner that I followed up with was too heavy (Fresh does make a complimentary one, but I did not buy it), or maybe it's just the shampoo itself... regardless, nice (try it for yourself if you'd like)... nice but not nice enough to justify a re-order.

By the by this 240ml (8 fl oz) bottle set me back $30 CAD... so yeah... the price is another reason I'm not eager to make a repurchase... it wasn't magic... and at that price it should have been close.

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