Friday, May 29, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Buttercup

Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite beauty gurus to watch on YouTube. She's energetic and honest and real and just fun to watch. When I learned that she had a collaboration with Gerard Cosmetics I wanted to try what she created. But Gerard Cosmetics is not available in Toronto stores, and their online shipping basically doubled the price of my purchase. So I held of, until one day while watching Jaclyn she shared a deal too good to pass up, and I snapped up the lipstick and lip gloss that she had created for myself (that was way back in January).

I'll share the lipstick today, and lip gloss in the next post. 

The bullet shape reminds me of MAC packaging, except it's gold and doesn't feel as substantial. The word "cheap" comes to mind... but somehow I feel guilty thinking it.
Jaclyn gets credit for creating the shade Buttercup... I like the name.
The shade is a beautiful pale pink nude. I thought to myself "oh no I don't pull off nudes well", they tend to make me look pale and sickly.
But then I swatched it and realized "never mind this is gorgeous". This is a nude I can wear and feel good in it. Some days I top it with a bolder lip gloss, some days I top with a colorless lip gloss, and some days I just wear Buttercup on its own.
The formula is fantastic, creamy, silky, and comfortable. I don't discern any scent or taste, but online description tells me it should smell like a creamsicle... well mine doesn't, and I'm not bothered. I prefer the scentless, tasteless version I have :)
I would highly recommend this shade if pale pink nudes are your bag. You wouldn't regret adding it to your collection. However scout the internet and/or Jaclyn's channel for a deal... it feels good getting quality for less :)

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