Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jo Malone: Sakura Cherry Blossom

During a random Sunday stroll we stopped by Holt Renfrew... and of course lingered at the Jo Malone counter. I played with all the new offerings, and became smitten with Sakura Cherry Blossom. I didn't purchase right then and there, instead I spritzed some on a cardboard strip, and walked away to determine if the smitten feeling will persists over the next couple of days. As you're seeing this post you know that it did.

I didn't get a chance to purchase this for myself... my husband beat me to it :) he also managed to score the cute ribbon featured in all the ads. I can't describe a scent beyond "I love it"... so I had a look at Jo Malone website to determine what in this concoction was so irresistible to my nose. Well other than cherry blossom, we have rose, and bergamot... no wonder I couldn't resist the call :)

I've been wearing it everyday since... my scent of spring 2015 for sure :)
This year for the first time ever husband and I went on a pilgrimage to High Park for cherry blossom blooming. It was beautiful, crowded (hundreds had the same idea), and fun. Got a little bit too much sun, and took way too many pictures :) Here are 3 of them :)

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