Sunday, June 21, 2015

BBG - Week 5

Monday - Legs & Cardio
Week 5 starts off with a progress photo. After comparing it to my other two (one taken at the very beginning, and one after 4 weeks of pre-training), I've realized that I won't be an Instagram success story.  It might take me a little longer than 12 weeks. Feeling stronger though :)

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Two more episodes and I will be all caught up on Criminal.... what's next for my LISS walks?

Wednesday: Arms and Abs.
Today I felt discouraged. I felt as if Kayla turned up the intensity in week five 100%... felt like my first day. Also I thought this workout was targeted for anyone who prefers to workout in the comfort of their livingroom... but I'm guessing it's not. In week 5 Kayla has moves that require the use of two gym benches. I don't even have one, and I have no plans to make that purchase either. I did without; my ottoman is my bench and it's not suitable for all the exercises... that's when improvisation comes to play.

Also once again I skinned my elbows during commandos... yup it was a hard workout.

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
If I have a choice between my 30 min of Kayla and anything else, I choose Kayla. I have opted-out of attending a couple of events because they would disrupt my weekly schedule.... yup I'm committed. Having said that, today I skipped LISS (my walk home) in favour of a pedi at the Ritz. I promise to make it up with extra weekend city strolls. My toes are looking good :)
Friday : Full Body
I just couldn't. One Thursday night ran late, and I went to bed way past my bedtime. I did wake up at my regular time for my morning routine with Tracy. Two, a long day at the office left me drained. I came home, I had a glass of wine, dinner, and promptly fell asleep. Promised myself to catch up over the weekend.

Saturday: LISS + Rehabilitation
A day in Niagra Falls. I'm putting this down as rehabilitation :)

Sunday: Friday's Full Body
Sunday is a day off. But it was bothering me that I didn't finish my week. So first thing this morning I got down with Kayla. Thankfully there were no commandos. My elbows are still recovering from the last session.

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