Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BBG - Week 6

Monday - Arms and Abs
Week 6  starts with a switch up. Instead of Legs & Cardio on Monday we have Arms and Abs. Since I also did a lot of Arms and Abs on Sunday (postponed week 5 Friday workout by two days), today was hard.... but isn't it always? :)

Kayla continues to present workouts requiring two gym benches. Not going to happen in this tiny condo.

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
My regular walk, and I finished all of the episodes of Criminal.

Wednesday: Abs & Cardio
It's ab week. No time to recover, belly has been feeling it all week... too bad it's not looking it :) No weights and no commandos today which made me happy. This better start paying off soon... Charlotte Tilbury makeup line is launching at Holt Renfrew today, and she was there personally (Bloor St. location). I passed on it, just so I can sweat like an animal for 30min... worth it? I'll let you know in 6 weeks :) Making a CT reward  shopping list in my head :)

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Listened to an episode of This American Life today. It was good. But there was only that one. I have a backup podcast. I'll let you know if it was any good at the end of week 7.
Friday : Legs & Cardio
Did not happen. Came home and had a BBQ.

Saturday: LISS + Rehabilitation + Friday's Legs & Cardio
Woke up at 7 and started off my weekend with Friday's workout. Kayla introduced another move I'm not fond of: Tuck Jumps, my butt jiggles a bit too much when I do it :) As well Split Squats required a step bench, not falling for it. Lastly there is no room in my living room for Broad Jump Burpees... regular ones will have to suffice.

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