Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Rose Hill

In today's post I'll show you the lip gloss I acquired from Gerard cosmetics; the shade of which was created by YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn (to see her lipstick click here).
The name of her shade is Rose Hill, and Jaclyn said her goal was to create a perfect rose shade that a girl of any skin tone could wear.
There is a gimmick to this packaging. It comes into play when you unscrew the lid, and the lights come on :)
I should point out that one side of the tube is mirrored (be sure to remove the protective plastic film first).
So the point of light and mirror... you are able to apply and reapply your Gerard lip gloss in any lighting situation... you're stuck in a dim room, a blackout, or a cave, but feel the need for a touch up, well you're covered with Gerard. 

Honestly I hate those little lights. One, if I'm somewhere with poor light, I probably don't need lip gloss, no one is going to see it anyways. Two, I have a hard time staying within my lip lines when using this wand. I find the light distorts the color and somehow confuses my eye.  I am really tempted to take a pair of pliers and remove them. For now though, I put a smear of this on the back of my hand and use a separate lip brush to get this on my lips.

But for the packaging quirks that I don't like. The color and formula did not let me down. The shade is a beautiful bright summery rose red. It has smooth even opacity and a very pretty sheen. It's non-sticky and has great wear (until I decide to eat).
So overall I'm really liking my two Gerard purchases (wish they offered the lip gloss without the light packaging... but oh well)... Would love to find this brand one day at SDM... until then, job well done Gerard and Jaclyn.

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