Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Korres Jasmin Lip Butter

I wanted the white (colorless one) in Guava, but Sephora was sold out, and so I clicked Jasmin into my basket. It was a good decision. Jasmin is a pale pink nude color, that slightly neutralizes the color of my lips. I love putting this on first thing in the morning before I start my makeup to let it hydrate and nourish my lips. Texture is super smooth and comfortable. Sometimes I apply another color over, sometimes I don't, the lovely sheen this leaves on my lips plays well either way.

I don't carry this around with me because it's a pot not a tube. While I'm comfortable sticking my freshly washed finger in it at home, I wouldn't be able to do so anywhere else.

Korres is a natural and environmentally friendly feel good kind of a brand. I feel better for using it :) The delicious light caramel-vanilla scent of this product is a sweet bonus that will most likely lead to a re-purchase.

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