Friday, June 26, 2015

Liquid Blender Cleanser

I have about 1/4 inch left of this in my bottle. This was a curiosity purchase, and now that curiosity has been satisfied it will not be repeated. It's a good cleanser (basic), but good does not merit $23CAD price tag. You can find plenty of cheaper options that will work just as well.

I enjoyed the lovely lavender scent, and I had nothing against the packaging. But the 4-star review on Sephora is not justified in my opinion. The life of my beauty blender is not being extended (after 6 months of daily use that little sponge is on its last legs), and so it's not as pristine as I imagined this cleanser will maintain. I also need at least 3 pumps to get my beauty blender clean enough... too much soap for the money.

I take a pass on the liquid version. I will occasionally repurchase the solid version for travel convenience. Other wise Beauty Blender love your sponge (the original pink one), like your solid cleanser, and this will become a past memory soon :)

As always this it just my humble opinion. You are more than welcome to disagree, after all you earn your own money and you spend it the way you want to just as I do mine :)

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