Monday, July 27, 2015

BBG - week 10

Monday - Legs
Week 10 is upon me. I actually can't believe it's week 10 already, because I don't have my six-pack :)

Today was all about legs (except for that one move with push-ups). I loved it eventhough I didn't have two benches for Double Bench Jumps or a step for Split Squats. Both these moves were improvised Split Squats.

Few more weeks (maybe months) of these type of 30 min routines, and I can say goodbye to my spanx :)

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
The usual walk.

Wednesday: Arms
A day for arms when the number of moves seems to double. Today I faced 36 commandos, in one set!... (I'm still not quite sure how I managed), and many, many push-ups. Bosu ball makes an appearance once again... I just ignore it... they're expensive... I'd rather buy lipstick (I know what you're thinking, but I have my priorities :))

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Same as Tuesday.
Friday: Abs
I thought about my abs... then I had a Rose G&T and an American Greed binge :)

Saturday: Friday's Abs + LISS (low intensity steady state) + Rehabilitation
Switched it up today and hit the morning market first, then back home for some Saturday house maintenance... then got down with Kayla and my abs. No special equipment needed for week 10 routine other than a bench (my two ottomans pushed together work). Scissor Kicks on a bench (my two ottomans) are the toughest move for me, and I do need a break halfway through the set sometimes two.

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