Sunday, July 12, 2015

BBG - Week 8

Monday - Friday's Full Body
So beginning of week 8 starts with the end of week 7. I couldn't miss a day... it's my bit of OCD, Friday had to be done even if it was 2 days later.

Kayla labeled this routine Full Body, but 5 out of the 8 moves were working my abs. I'm renaming week 7 "60% Abs" :) Feeling the strength, but not seeing it. I'm being honest here, my calves are my best fit feature. You can actually see the awesome muscle. My arms are hard when I flex, but they don't have any definition if I don't. And my middle is looking as soft as ever. I try not to contemplate it too much, because then I become discouraged. Why are abs so hard to get?

Tuesday: Monday's Arms and Abs
Tudsday's LISS was replaced by my Monday workout so that I could get back on track with the schedule. Yesterday was a big ab day as was today... belly is feeling the work.

Wednesday: Abs & Cardio
Abs for a third day in a row. Where is my six pack?

Thursday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
Minimal LISS this week. Today is an anniversary of ours that my husband celebrates (first kiss... who knew), and so since Summerlicious is also on we went to a celebratory dinner at America. We strolled home :)
Friday : Legs & Cardio
Yeah... Fridays take a lot out of me... once I get home, my couch is sometimes irresistible. Watched the opening of Pan Am Games; great show except for the too long speeches.

Saturday : Friday's Legs & Cardio
Up at 5:44am, out of bed at 6:01am, and starting my weekend with Kayla. Lot's of jumping in today's routine. Not enough space for Broad Jump Brupees, regular ones will have to do... and I don't own a stepping step, used an imaginary one :)

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