Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss (10 shades)

I've said it before (I think), I am not drawn to drug store makeup. It's not that I think drug store makeup is bad. I don't. Hell for all I know it's cheaper and better... I'm just saying I like to spend my money elsewhere. Main reason why: I'm simply not tempted. More specific:

1. I don't have the urge to own every eyeshadow or every lipstick, so I don't need to stretch my play budget.
2. I am not (and don't plan to be) a professional makeup artist, I do not need that much stuff.
3. I'm not even a professional Youtuber. I don't do tutorials to appeal to mass viewers. I don't have the skill or the time.
4. High end makeup just gives me that special feeling. I love it.

Is it snobbish?... you betcha, spoiled?... no kidding... paid with my own money?... you got it :)

Having said that. Recently I came into possession of some Maybelline lip products. In one moment I went from having none, to having too many (or is it really possible to have too many). These are relatively new on the scene (I think), I have 10 lip crayons and 10 lip glosses.

Today I'll show you the lip gloss line up, and next post will be all about the crayons.

There are 12 shades in this gloss collection. I have 10, missing shade #30 and #35, but I won't be purchasing, 10 is plenty to play with. Let's run through the color names:
05 - Just a Glimmer
10 - A Wink of Pink
15 - Fuchsia Flicker
20 - Lilac Lumi
25 - Taupe with Me
40 - Tickled Pink
45 - Coral Craze
50 - Pink Pizazz
55 - Fab & Fuchsia
60 - Berry Chic
 The lip glosses come in 3 finishes: shimmers (#05 to #20), creams (#25 to #40) and, jellies (#45 to #60); and that's what you should base your color choice on, the finish of the gloss, because there isn't much of a color payoff to be had.
 However they feel amazing on the lips; moisturizing for sure, comfortable, light and have a delicate pleasant sweet scent.
So while I do feel like I have 10 of the same color, even if they look slightly different on my arm, it's very hard to tell them apart individually on my lips. But I don't mind, no such thing as too much of a good thing :)

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