Friday, July 10, 2015

Maybelline ColorBlur by Lip Studio (10 shades)

As promised second post is all about my new Maybelline ColorBlur matte lip pencils. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't about to refuse a free thing. There are 10 shades in the range and I have them all.
Color names from lowest to highest:
05 - Pink Insanity
10 - Fast & Fuchsia
15 - Berry Misbehaved
20 - Orange Ya Glad
25 - Cherry Cherry Bang Bang
30 - Partner in Crimson
35 - Plum, Please
40 - My-My Magenta
45 - I'm Blushing!
50 - I like to Mauve It
 So this is the gimmick of these pencils. One end is a color packed stylus, and the other is a rubber end to smudge the color, so you can achieve that blurred effect. I have to say that I do not use the smudger, I like these all over my lips... with some clear gloss on top, because matte lip is not my bag.
Shade range is beautiful, texture absolutely outstanding (super soft), and pigment so rich that I gasped when I swatched my first shade.
 I tend to gravitate towards the first three shades and the last three shades, everything in between is a promise to myself to wear eventually (I'll start with around the house).
 so, so, so pretty....
Just imagine if I hadn't gotten these gratis, I would have never know how amaizing these are. I'm still not going to run out and get more drug store makeup, but I am glad to have these in my collection.

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