Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Perricone MD - No Makeup Skincare - No Blush Blush

Bought this during the sale Sephora had in Nov of 2014. It sat in my drawer for a couple of months, because I thought, I might have made a mistake on this one. Then spring finally rolled in and I decided to give this a try one weekend... and since that day few months back, I've been putting this on my cheeks every single day.  It is incredible.
Shake it up to mix minerals and pigments, then apply 3 dots to each cheek, tap and blend. That is all I do, and I feel it gives the most beautiful seamless, flawless flush ever. Some days I follow up with something over it (because I have a lot of blush), but I always start with this as my base.
I don't know if my photos do this product justice, but on the left you have full undiluted smudge, and on the right blended it. Photos from two different sessions, because I wanted to ensure I caught this in different light situations.
This is a fantastic product, and I love that I own it.... I am a tad sad that due to Sephora's recent change it no longer ships Perricone MD product to Canada. Ahhhhh Sephora you've let me down.

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