Thursday, July 16, 2015

Perricone MD no Makeup Skincare - No Foundation Foundation Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 30

At the same time I bought the No Blush Blush, I also bought the No Foundation Foundation Serum (not to be confused with the No Foundation Foundation). It only comes in one shade (or did when I bought mine), and since I believe my skin tone to be very common, I naturally assumed it would work (or "intelligently" adjust).
I was wrong. It's a touch too dark, and it doesn't adjust. However that does not mean it's rubbish. It just means I am only able to use it after I got some sun (I don't fake tan). Since it's been pretty summery over the past few weeks and I've enjoyed some rays, I've pulled this out and have been wearing it every weekend. I prefer to wear this on weekends because:
1. it has spf, not needed for office environment
2. it tans my face.... even though I'm naturally a tad darker now, I am under the impression that this makes me faintly darker still (I want to avoid any weird work stares)
3. it has very, very light coverage. Perfect for the weekend. Once I smooth this in (the only foundation where I prefer my fingers to anything else), other than the fact that I feel a bit darker, I can't even tell I have this on my face. It's weightless and invisible :)
I am quite fond of this product, but he fact that Sephora won't ship it to my house anymore doesn't irk me too much; because I like to switch up my foundations all the time, so once this is gone I'll be moving onto something new. 

Still I think that Perricone MD team should improve the dropper dispenser. You really can't count out the drops, (I go by the size of the pool in my palm), the foundation/serum is too runny, it runs out of the dropper without any of my help. Otherwise for skin tones leaning towards light-medium to medium and those who prefer light to no coverage with some spf this is a very nice product.

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