Sunday, August 2, 2015

BBG - week 11

Monday - Legs
What?! It's week 11 already! It sure is... and the workout doesn't get any easier.

Today legs, which means squats and more squats; and of course gym tools are required that I don't own. Step replaced with imaginary step, medicine ball replaced with a 15lb dumbbell, and two gym benches ignored all together.

I'm realizing that my first round of BBG is almost over. Next week I'll contemplate investing in a step for my second attempt at the first 12 weeks... since I plan on sticking with this workout for a little while.

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
The usual walk.

Wednesday: Arms
Extra long day at work means no energy for a workout... even if it's only 28 minutes.

Thursday: Wednesday's Arms
The routine might be labeled "Arms" but honestly it should be Arms & Legs; because there are 8 moves in total and half of them involved leg work (2 squat moves, 2 types of burpees). Once again no double benches and no bosu ball... as well decline push ups are not my thing; I will master regular ones first.
Friday: Abs
Abs were replaced by an evening at the AGO... it was a members only evening; and it was nice.

I planned to work out... but I slept in. Only had 5min to get ready for the market with my sister... home to tidy up... shower... and get ready for a visit with my parents. It was a great day... plan to catch up with Kayla on Sunday :)

Sunday: Friday's Abs.
I want the instagram abs :) The BBG before and after shots are so motivating when you're in the first week of the program... I'm at the end of week 11, and I'm wondering where I went wrong with mine... I think I need at least another 24 weeks :)

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