Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BBG - week 12

Monday - Legs
And I'm in my last week... who would have thought that I'd actually last that long? :) It was all about legs today, including double gym benches and a step... as any other day I did without, and still sweated my ass off.

I have a pain in my left foot and my right knee, so I was extra careful with squats and jumps. At the end of my 30min felt good and not hurt.

Tuesday: LISS (low intensity steady state)
The usual walk (aka stroll) home.

Wednesday: Arms
Once again I put in some extra time at the office... and once I got home I just wanted some dinner and Big Brother :)

Thursday: Wednesday's Arms
Four out of the eight moves are a form of push-ups... ouch :) Of course this being the last Arm workout of the 12 week program, Kayla makes use of double benches and a bosu ball. I'm contemplating a bosu purchase... but while I live in my tiny condo I will not contemplate a gym bench purchase... or maybe I should just take my ass down to the complex gym... but then I'd wouldn't be able to work out in my panties :)
Friday: Abs
Abs were replaced by a glass of wine.

I planned to work out... then didn't.

Spent a day at the island with two very energetic munchkins... that's a workout in itself.

Completed my Kayla program in the morning. I do love working my abs... even it I have nothing to show for it yet; and I had all the equipment needed as well.


And that is that, I have completed Kayla's 12 week program... I do not have a before and after pictures for you, because there is not much difference (Instagram success story I am not). However neither am I ready to throw in the towel and quit. Maybe working out 8 times a week wasn't the road the success I imagined.

I'm modifying my routine yet again... and switching to working out 5 times a week in the morning only (Mon to Fri)... unless I am sick of course. I plan to do 30 min of Tracy's dance cardio, and then on Mon, Wed, Fri follow up with Kayla, and on Tues and Thurs with Tracy's toning routine.

I also promise to pay closer attention to my diet :)

I'll keep you updated of my progress in another 12 weeks or so :)

In the end I leave you with this Kayla thought "I don't work out because I hate my body, I workout because I love it"... it's why I'm up at 4:30am each morning :)

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