Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dr. Jart+ Oil Balm

This is my night time hand cream. I slather it on, I slap a pair of gloves over it, and I hit the pillow. With Sephora shipping changes it is no longer available to Canadian online shoppers, but I hope Sephora will eventually go back to the good old ways.
This balm is a solid in a glass jar. I scrape the back of my nail across the surface and get the amount I need. The minute this hits your skin it dissolves into the most lovely greasy moisturizer (I know it says "non-greasy" on the box... but trust me at first this is liquid oil). I put a pair of gloves on after I work this into my hands, so I don't know how quickly this absorbs. But I do know that in the morning my skin is soft and smooth.

The scent is fresh and zesty, and not overpowering. This can be used head to toe (hair, skin, nails)... I'm making this jar last as long as possible by only using this on my hands.
I had plans for many future repurchases... but it is not to be. Once this jar runs dry (I'm more than half way through), I will be on the hunt for something new.

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