Thursday, September 3, 2015

Regret - Hair is Fabric (HIF) - Colour and Growth Support Cleansing Conditioners

Hair care is important to me:
- one because I don't have a lot of it and I want to keep what I have
- two because it is fine... not having much of it shows

I wash my hair everyday. I have to . When I work out, I get so sweaty, I look like I took a shower, except I don't smell like I did. I tried dry shampoos... they are not for me, I feel my scalp and hair are even more filthy by putting that stuff in... I pass.

So I prefer, and am on a constant search for a nice, gentle, daily shampoo. I strayed when I spied these two on DECIEM site. I kind of liked what I saw, and felt it would be nice to replace two products (shampoo and conditioner) with just one.There are a lot of different formulations, and after reviewing all of them, I decided to purchase Growth Support (see the very first lines of this post), and Colour Support (because I do every 3-4 months).
Overall I like the packaging. The oversized toothpaste tubes work for me. I don't like the cap on my Colour Support though. I don't know if you can tell in my picture but it's not screwed on right. It was on just fine initially, then I twisted it open to have a sniff, and I could no longer close it tight again. Faulty packaging. No such issues with my Growth Support.
A couple of "coefficients" to notice depending on type chosen: cleansing, conditioning, and activation time. Listed on the tube. I kind of know what they mean and kind of don't; and  I couldn't find on what scale.. is it out of 10?  I assumed it is.

The formulation between the two is very different. Growth Support is an airy mousse, Colour Support is a dense cream. Significant difference in weight.

First dislike. Both of these are heavily fragranced (it's one of the top  ingredients... should have taken note before purchase). The scent is so strong that I can smell it all day long (I wonder what it's like for people who get close to me); And it's not that lovely... a sort of unisex cologne. I don't hate it, but I do grow tried of it... and delicate noses will hate it. (I prefer Growth Support scent to Colour Support if I had to choose).

Growth support has a very nice lather. It rinses clean, and other than the strong scent, my hair is left bouncy and soft.

Colour Support is fast becoming a purchase regret. It is a cream formula, and it doesn't foam one bit. It's almost like cleaning your hair with conditioner... I say almost because your conditioner isn't oily. Yup you read right, oily. I don't know how this is supposed to clean my hair (it's supposed to clean my hair right?), it feels heavy and greasy. My tub is slippery after, dangerously so. My hair is left feeling flat, weighed down, and dirty; my scalp, itchy and clogged. This is opposite of what I want. I wish I could return this, but too much time has passed, and I didn't keep the receipt. The only way I see myself using this up, is by following with another shampoo... which defeats the purpose of this purchase.

Overall I'm not a fan. If you like strong cologne-like scented products that linger maybe you'd like Growth Support (but other than clean hair, I haven't seen any growth). If you like your hair to feel greasier after a shower than before, then you might like Colour Support... I highly doubt you do.

I take a pass and don't plan to explore the range any further. Sticking with my Alterna and Bumble and Bumble for now.

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