Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Today I am featuring an iconic product from SK-II; a brand I always browse but seldom purchase (price point ensures my wallet stays in my pocket :)). Not that I don't try hard to justify why it should.  I've tried a couple of items from this brand, and enjoyed them... and one day decided to try the original as well. 

This product can be used by saturating a cotton pad with it and swiping all over the face, or shaking out a bit into the palm and directly patting onto the skin. I opt for the second option, no need to waste this on a cotton pad (I don't consider it a toner, but a very liquid lotion). 

There is a video online comparing soaking banana slices in SK-II Facial Treatment Essence vs soaking them in water. The point of the video is that the banana slices in water turn brown and in the essence they don't; and what you are supposed to take away from this is that the banana slices are equivalent to your face and the essence will preserve it (at least that's what I concluded with an eye roll)...

But my face is not a banana slice and the clock moves forward no matter how much I wish it wouldn't... and while I enjoyed using this lux product, currently my product preference is shifting and it doesn't include SK-II...

Also in all honesty I wouldn't recommend it... unless of course you want to try it for yourself... then by all means do. It didn't have any negative impact on my skin, but I also don't think it's made a vast improvement. I like using it while I have it, but I'm sure I won't miss it when I no longer will.

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