Monday, January 25, 2016

Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Long-Wear Eyeshadow - Meteore (661)

I usually take a picture first then stick my finger in… but things happened backwards this time around.

I bought this at The Bay sometime in December. We were shopping for a new mattress but to get to the mattress floor we passed through the beauty floor, and as you'd have it this caught my eye. I stuck my finger in and  loved the swatch on the back of my hand. On top of that The Bay had a 10% off promotion on all cosmetics… This was a first for me. I have never heard of any department store discounting beauty products, I thought only Sephora did that. So 10% off + love it = got to have it.
It comes with a puny little brush, that I kept but do not use (not pictured). Suggested application methods: brush for settle effect, finger for concentrated impact. On my eyes I use a brush, because I prefer a diffused look, for you on my arm I give you both options.
I love this sparkly gold/coppery shade. I find it easy to apply and blend out. It wears well until I take it off (8 - 14 hours), and I've experienced no fall out.

How will it hold up? Only time will tell. Will it dry out and become unusable? I hope not. I take extra care to screw the lid back on tightly after use.

These are pricey even with a discount; so swatch and decide for yourself if worthy of your $ :)

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