Monday, January 4, 2016

Project Make a Dent (MaD 2016 - round 2)

I've decided to start of 2016 with another installment of Project Make a Dent or (MaD). I've taken a quick look at my stash and chosen 8 products I would like to use up in the next 12 months (if not quicker). Every 3 months I will post an update of my progress (hopefully significant).

In this year's lineup:
1. Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face in Teint Rosé 01 - I've had this for 5.5 years and I don't believe this has deteriorated at all. It smells heavenly as it always has, I just shelved it and stopped reaching for it. Feels like this will take quite a while to use up, it's time to start now.  I also believe Guerlain has now 4 shades in this range, instead of the original 3 when I made my purchase. Teint Rose 01 is now Clair 02 in case you are interested.

2. CHANEL SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL - Bronzing Makeup Base - This is coming up on 4 years. I've made quite a dent in it (because it is beautiful), but it's getting on in age and I want something else, time to use it up.

3. Clarins Everlasting Foundation - I've had this for a bit over 4  years as well; this might be well past its good by date (we'll see). It's hard to tell from my shot but I've used up about 1/2 of the bottle before I stopped using it. I'll see how it goes soon enough, this might be already an "empty" if it doesn't feel or smell right.

4. Burberry Eye Liner in Midnight Blue - Another oldie... 5 years or so. This was purchased when Burberry initially launched their makeup line... the formulation of eye pencils might have changed; I don't even know if they carry this one anymore. Upon a quick swatch it feels a bit dry, not creamy as I remembered... so time might have done its harm.

5. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill  #7 Sweet Fire - Had this for almost 5 years as well; purchased upon initial release, when there were some name discrepancies; so I'm not sure if this is still called Sweet Fire or if it still exists in current line.

6. CHANEL Illusion D'Ombre - Illusoire (83) - just over 4 years, still so pretty even if it has dried out quite a bit. It did not break up, but it no longer fills up the container, and rattles around like a loose puck it has become. Wore it today (Jan. 3rd), and did not observe any loss in quality.

7. CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine - Rebelle 63 - It's a pretty sheer red shade that's been on the shelf for too long.

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Ex-press - Lastly another oldie, that was featured in the first round of this project. This is it, if in the next 12 moths I haven't used it up, one way or another this the last year for this palette.

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