Friday, April 1, 2016

Makeup Ban....
Nope, it's not an April Fool's joke. I mean it. I mean it so much that I wished to publish my promise. No more makeup until November Sephora sale... and maybe not even then.

I will purchase skin care and bath products if needed; but even then it should be at least a couple of months before I need anything.

Reason for this decision. I have so much makeup. More than one person needs really. There is stuff I bought and have yet to try ... and stuff that I have not reached for in months. Time to get it into rotation and enjoy it.

I love makeup, I'm not saying this will be easy... but I love to travel more; and I have plans for a trip that requires a serious budget; and therefore a serious saving commitment.

I am a VIB Rouge level at Sephora, which means I spend at least $1,000 on product each year... and that's only at Sephora... there is also TSC, HR, department stores etc....  I'm not a professional makeup artist, or even a social media beauty guru ... and have no aspirations for either role. My love for makeup is personal, and I've decided it comes secondary to life experiences.

You know the quote "I'd rather have a passport full of stamps, than a house full of stuff."... I read that and thought "YES!!!"... and so makeup ban is on.

So what will happen to this little blog. Well not much. As I've said I have a lot of makeup, and a ton of nail polish, that I've never blogged about... so this public beauty dairy will continue... and maybe even become a bit peppered with other random posts... who knows...

The makeup ban also applies to my husband, because his money is my money and my money is his money… and this trip is for both of us… If makeup should come to me through other venues that don’t cost us a thing… well I’m no prude :)

Here is to staying on the wagon :)

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