Sunday, May 1, 2016

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer & Bronzer

I see this bronzer popping up on all the beauty channels I watch; and it's a big favorite with everyone. I've seen it so much, that I got a bit of Butter Bronzer fever and just could not help myself. One of the big draws here is the scent, which is nice... summery, coconut, suntan lotion... it doesn't linger on the face. One drawback are the shades... there are two... both very light (you can barely tell the difference)... 

I bought both shades, because it was on sale. In Canada it retails for $22.99, but at Shoppers Drug Mart it was marked down to $14.99 plus a $9 mail-in rebate. So both cost me $12 + tax... I felt justified.
I labeled both shades... Bronzer is a tad darker... but once blended in on the face I don't think you can tell the difference... and if I had to buy only one, I'd buy the Bronzer.
They are beautiful and creamy and worth the $6... Included is this spongy applicator, which I haven't used, and don't plan to... It's a powder, I prefer to use a brush.
Now for some swatches... side by side. (The brown spot in the middle is a brown marker dot, for the camera to focus on); and you can see just how pale you must be for this to show up as a bronzer on your skin.

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