Sunday, June 12, 2016

Becca Release Fail

So it appears Becca and Jaclyn colab wasn't the perfection it was supposed to be. The eye palette has been pulled. It is no longer available on Sephora sites and will not be part of the in-store release on June 16th. Details are all over the web, but it boils down to quality. Supposedly it wasn't the same, the job was rushed, and it resulted in a product that wasn't Becca caliber.

I bought the Jaclyn eye palette the minute it became available online, and as these were my first Becca shadows, I had no point of reference for comparison, and so I didn't give them much though. I have other shadows with stronger pigmentation and smoother feel, but I found these shadows to be nice... and well, this was a Jaclyn palette and because of that I wanted it. However enough hardcore Becca fans out there and serious beauty vlogers and bloggers raised their voices over the fact that these were not "Becca quality shadows" (makeup drama was real).  And so the palette is no more.

Now Sephora will issue a refund to anyone who wishes to return their Becca Jaclyn palette. While it did set me back $48CAD + tax, and it might not be worth that price, I've decided to keep mine. It is the ultimate limited edition release, and should it be re-released in the future, I'll buy it again, just so I can compare.

I'm wondering how many will opt to return vs keep.

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