Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chantecaille Le Mognolia Eye and Cheek Palette

I've had this for quite some time. It was a surprise treat from my husband... every piece of makeup he gave me I cherish... for the fact that it came from him, they are some of my favorite items. 

I know the brand, so I know this is a pricey item... but I also know it is quality; and secretly I've always wanted to own one of these special releases from Chantecaille. This particular one is for Spring 2016.
Inside the palette, three neutral, every day, office appropriate, eye shadows and a blush. A no-brainer when getting ready in the morning Monday to Friday... if your office has some strict office appropriate makeup policy... my doesn't :)
Still I do love these, one because they came from J, and two because they are just so easy to wear. When I want a basic, but pretty look... this is it.

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